Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cabin in the Wood

Little cabin in the wood,

Little man at the window stood.

Saw a rabbit hopping by...

Okay,  I'll stop.   I was once a pre-school teacher and sometimes I just can't help it.   This came on me just now when I was thinking about my visit this past few days to a lovely cabin in the Plumas National Forest.  See photo above.

To protect the people to whom the cabin belongs, I won't show any more photos of the cabin.  I took a bunch because the inside was so nice and the views through the windows were beautiful.  Here are some I took on route and in the vicinity.


A view off Highway 20 with clouds

Flowers growing wild along the road.

On route near Sierraville from the driver's seat.  Yikes.

Thanks to Lynne and Pam and the generous cabin owners for a very nice few days.

More sewing coming up. Ciao.

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