Saturday, July 19, 2014

Off On An Adventure

I am leaving for another great Road Scholar program with my grandson, the fabulous Charles.  This is our third one.  It is called Intergenerational Hollywood Film School.  For five days we'll learn with other grands and kids what is involved in producing a film.  Our drive will take about 6 hours to Glendale, California.

Our first trip was also to southern California.  We went to Buena Park for a wonderful program about crime scene investigation which they don't seem to have any more.  Too bad it was fascinating.

Learning about fingerprinting.
 The crime scene being processed. Note body on the table. Grandparents could offer suggestions only.

                      The kids were making plaster casts of their foot.

Last summer we went to Oregon for photography.   I did write a post about this last year, but here are a couple more pics from that one.

              There's Charles with his tripod.  We did have a good time. 

Closing for now,  must pack and do a bunch of other things.  I'll be back.

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