Friday, July 4, 2014

Sewing a little

Aha!  I finished the blue skirt.

Okay, if you look closely, you can tell I have not put the hem up yet.   Don't look.  But it fits me and I won't need to make much of a hem so I decided to post it now instead of later.

A close-up of a gore.  The fabric looks like tiny bubbles.  Oh, remember that song by Don Ho?

I've three current projects going besides hemming the blue skirt.

 #1 A blue jean bin project.

I must admit this photo doesn't tell you much.  A surprise awaits. Soon.

#2   A denim vest jacket for my sister.  No photos of any kind, but stay tuned there will be some.  I have the fabric and notions, but no picture.

#3      Two days ago I experienced serendipity.  Although I needed some deck seating,  I wasn't actively looking.  My old chairs had one by one torn the seats from the chair frames. Not one of the four is usable.  Serendipity.
I found a parking space in front of World Market though I had not planned to go there.   Out in front there were some colorful garden chairs.  I saw. I sat. I bought.

Red, green, yellow and orange.  They are comfortable as they are, but because they're metal I decided chair pads would be necessary.


    I made a pattern from pages from a Road Scholar brochure. No other     paper  was available.

I bought 1/2 inch foam.

                       And I found really nice fabric as colorful as my chairs.

Check back for the finished projects, but don't expect too much too soon.
I am only human.  I bet you knew that about me, didn't you?

 Bye for now.  I must sew.

Post Script.  When I made the link to YouTube for Don Ho there wasn't an ad, now there is. Aack, but it's short and he's worth the wait.


  1. Your skirt is really nice. I love the fabric for your cushions. You're very talented!

  2. Love those chairs and the cushions will be wonderful.