Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back home

Charles and I arrived home from our film school adventure last night. Unfortunately there was a fire burning  close to my home, maybe 10 miles away.  Fire is the natural disaster we in the foothills dread.  No flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes (thank you, Lord) but fire is a real threat in our dry summer months.  Fortunately, it is now out after burning 1300 acres and more. At least one home.  I haven't heard any news of it this morning.  The smoke has gone and there is no smell of it in the air.

We were about 80 miles away when a friend called to see if I was 'all right'.  Then told me about the fire.  I called my daughter who said she would drive the 48 miles to my home so she could find the cats and try to save photos and such if the fire was near.

This is a photo of the fire from 30 miles away.

I kept saying to Charles. "That's not a pretty sight."  Then I changed to saying, "That's so ugly."

When we got to my house, Charles' parents were waiting.  All was well, but we were still nervous if the wind would change and start toward us. It never did.  I am so thankful for our firefighters and the pilots in the planes who were also fighting it.

Filmed in my driveway.  Voices of my family and I. Please excuse the weird change of angle. This plane circled 2 times then flew directly into the smoke and didn't come back in view.  You can see the fire in the last part.  It was sunset so the smoke was pink tinged.

About the film school?   I will write a post soon with photos.  And sewing?  Even this afternoon, I'll be back at it with updates any day now.

UPDATE:  Adding this 2 hours later.  Fire is still burning, there is smoke at my house and all the way down into the valley.  The some firefighters are at the staging area about 1 mile from me.  I do not see planes.  Some residents have been evacuated to the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.

The smoke settling over the valley. I'm in Shingle Springs looking west.

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