Thursday, April 24, 2014

Longing for the Sea

Where does it come from?  The need for a certain place or kind of place?  Is it because you grew up there?  Maybe it's because you had so much fun in such as place when you were young.  Perhaps it's in your blood because a parent and their parents before them spent summers on an island.

For me, it's the ocean.  The seaside.  Rocky, driftwood strewn coast or glorious wide sand beach. And the weather?  Doesn't matter.  Sunny or stormy.  And so some of my favorite places in no particular order of love.


Elk, California

Cannon Beach Oregon
Cozumel in December

My daughter's feet in the Gulf of Mexico on the Dry Tortugas, USA

This is me. I'm in North Carolina on the Outer Banks.  It's March 2007 and look!  I'm the only one on the beach.  Oops,  I guess there is a photographer, yes.  However, I don't remember who it was.  Some kind stranger, I think.

I'm thankful to say that besides the places  above I have had my feet in the Atlantic in Maine, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and South Carolina.  I have also touched the Tyrrhenian Sea.

My husband to be and I spent lovely moments together at the beach near Half Moon Bay when we were dating.  I had this album (a record) called The Sea.   Here is the a video of the first song put on YouTube by the artist, Rod McKuen.  Do You Know My Friend the Sea?   

The home movies used in the video are very evocative of those happy times with Don.   I hope you enjoy it.  This post is definitely intensifying my longing for the ocean. Maybe next month, stay tuned.


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