Monday, May 11, 2015

Some Finished

Finished brown batik dress.  Well, in this photo, I hadn't done the hem.  It's done now.  I'm going to stop using my phone for photos, some times it works well, but not always.  This photo is trash.  The dress turned out nicely.  I added a bit of braid at the waist.  I took a close-up, but it was terribly blurry.

Teal jersey top made from a kit from Craftsy.  The price included fabric, thread, and pattern.   In this photo I hadn't attached the front self facing down.  I needed some advice as to how to accomplish that.  The pattern instructions were unclear to me.   I spoke with a very nice gal at Meisner's in Folsom who is knowledgeable in knits.  She recommended Steam-a-seam to hold it down smoothly without showing any stitching.   I have some now and I'm going to give it a try. Thanks to my friend, Pam, for letting me try some of hers.

These garments are made for my two daughters and I'm thrilled they fit.  Perhaps I will get a photo of them wearing them soon.

Also I finished a pair of salmon pink (or coral) crop pants.  By default, my daughter will have them as they didn't work out for the original recipient.  Moi.

In knitting, I finished two piggy dishcloths.  I only have a photo of one of them.  Oh, gosh, I can't find it.  Well, never mind.

I'm thrilled to be sewing and must get on with it.  I'll be back soon.

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