Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Cooking?  Do you love to? Hate it?  Just put up with it?  My cooking story goes like this.   A long time ago, I thought I would like cooking and so I tried to cook.  I was okay.  When I had kids I started to love trying new recipes and even going back in time to favorite meals from my childhood or from "The Little House on the Prairie"   I wanted to make 'vanity cakes' but I never could figure it out. 

Then there was Sesame Street and Ten Tiny Turtles song, so we tried rutabagas and artichokes. I made up a recipe called "Chick-kung Fooey".  We liked it, but not so much any more.

My kids were good at trying new things.  Much later they would cook.  That was fun too.  Now everyone is gone, grown into their own lives and doing well.  Now I don't want to cook.

My daughter who is single cooks for herself and she's a whiz.  She makes things and takes them for lunch and/or freezes it for later. I don't want to do that.  See her yummy blog here. Well, I have done that.  One day about 8 months ago, I made chili,  scotch broth (from the Harry Potter Cookbook) and a mushroom barley thing from Scotland magazine.  This was extremely rare and out of character for me.  It went well as I froze a lot and it was nice to go to the freezer instead of the store.

Here's the Scotch Broth.  The chili was good, but the photos aren't.

You say this isn't a cooking blog?   Yes, you are totally correct.  But I have discovered . . . . . Wait a minute  . . . . . . .


It's not something to wear while cooking it's better. Follow the link and read all about it HERE

 Tomorrow my first box of meal ingredients arrives.  Inside will be everything I need to make three meals for 2 people (6 meals for one).  Everything will be fresh and measured out in the amounts needed.  The directions for preparing will be there.

Come back. I will take photos and show what I do.  I hope it will be a great adventure for all of us.

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