Friday, May 22, 2015

My Blue Apron

Ah, it has arrived and as of today I have made 2 of the 3 recipes for this delivery.  What arrived?   Oh this . . . 

My first box from Blue Apron.


Well, insulated.

The veggies on top. Well, they're actually on the table in this photo.

A lemon, an onion, garlic and yellow fingerling potatoes are visible.

This is most of it spread on the counter.

I've invited my friend, Pam, for dinner tonight.  I was too excited to do this first one alone. And so I start preparing.

 Asparagus,chives, ramps and dill.

Shaving strips off the asparagus for a salad.

The cut up asparagus

 The dill.

The ramps.

Browning the fingerlings.

The steaks cooked and resting.

Mixing it up.

Two servings.

Sliced flat iron steak, fingerling potatoes and asparagus with an asparagus and shallot salad topped with creme fraiche, dill and chives.

It was very good and only one pan, but I did use lots of little bowls and plates as I prepared.

Each one of the dishes comes with a Knick Knack bag.

Butter, creme fraiche and a shallot.

Thank you for joining me for my first adventure with Blue Apron.

All gone.

P.S. Please note: The spotty apple which appears in one of the photos above was not used in the preparation of this meal.

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