Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Checking in

Yes, I'm just checking in.  No important Blog news as I am still working on my red blouse and my knitted hoodie.  Meanwhile I've been rehearing for Les Miserables.  Also sewing  for the show and taking care of the garden.  Oh, and Monday I started my viola lessons.  I needed to learn how to hold the bow and how to hold the viola.  I'm also working on reading viola music which is written in Alto Clef.

See that interesting clef?  On the left before the 4/4 
time ?  I am learning it, but I'm not to this page yet.

This is my rented used viola.  I like it.  Do you see the white stripe there?  That's the horse hair of the bow..  My teacher explained they are from the tails of Arabian horses.

This is the case.   Just so you know. :D

Here are some photos I like.  Some I took, some I didn't.

Wright's Beach. 
Photo by Alex

Sand Sculpture with Shells
Wright's Beach
    By Alex.

At Shell Beach
by me

I will close for now and continue dreaming of the coast.  Sewing updates soon. But for now, it's  . .  . .

Bye bye.

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