Monday, August 12, 2013

Obviously I'm not Julie

One of the reasons I thought a blog would be good to help me get going and finish some of my unfinished sewing, knitting and quilting projects was because of the movie "Julie and Julia". Did you see it?  Meryl Streep fantastic as Julia Child and Amy Adams was good as Julie (her last name escapes me).   Also Stanley Tucci and Jane Lynch and the actor playing Julie's husband were very important to the show..  Julie loved to cook and she loves to write.  She starts a blog about cooking.  She has Julia Child's book on French cuisine.  She decided to cook everything in the book in one year.  Apparently Julie, the blogger, actually did that.!  Amazing to me.

Well,  I had hoped to be all done with my unfinished things in 15 months. Sewing an item a week and knitting an item per month.  Oh, no no no, it's not going to happen.  Wait, I'm not giving up.  But I auditioned for a musical and was cast AND I took up the viola AND I am making costumes for the show.  Thankfully only some of them.  We have a cast of 74 needing 3-4 costume changes each. Yikes.

I do know I've mentioned this before. Sorry, but I've been feeling a bit guilty about not finishing the red blouse yet.  I have worked on it and I think it'll be nice when done.

Here are three sailor pants for the show and I made another pair like the ones on the left.

I made this today before my viola lesson.  It's a pouch to hold my shoulder rest.  Doesn't fit in the case because the case is meant to hold only the viola and bow.  There are cases now that are rectangular and hold much more.  It is movie film fabric.

There's the shoulder rest.  It's rather ungainly, but how wonderful when playing one's viola.

This movie film fabric was a piece left over from another project.  Want to see?

Aack!  The color is way off, It's actually black and white not beige and black.  It's a pillowcase. I made  it for a friend of mine who is an old movie buff.  I love the silver screen as well.

That is all for now but there could be more exciting news any day. Hey, did any of you see "The River of No Return"  with Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum?

I will return. See you later.

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