Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where did she go?

Sacramento!  I've been hanging out with my wonderful grandson for a few days.  At 15, he is very capable of caring for himself, doing his homework and chores without prompting but alas, he still needs a ride to school.  He goes to a charter school which is too far to walk and there's no bus service.  So, hooray, I get to spend time with him and drive him around while his parents are off celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on the California coast.

Grandma's Brag Book here.

Charles at 5. Wearing kilt (by grandma) for a school program.  All right, I know he's very cute.  Thanks.

Charles at nine. Just starting to grow his hair. He's still a little boy here.
Last year he and I went together to a Road Scholar program about Crime Scene Investigation.  He's learning about evidence collection and processing. A very cool teenager.

 On the Oregon coast this summer.  That's my grandkid in the middle.  He's 6ft tall.  We had a great time learning a bit about photography. Again with Road Scholar.  Check them out here. Road Scholar

I have been knitting as much as my fingers can take and my hoodie is coming along.  I need to knit 5 more inches before I can start knitting in the side slits and hem, then onto the sleeves.  Whoa, I might actually have this very nice garment for the coming fall.

This is several versions of the hoodie,  Mine will have the hood and  long sleeves.  I purchased the pattern and yarn from Halcyon Yarn . Halcyon is the lady standing second from the left.

Now as I mentioned several times before, I am sewing for the local production of Les Miserables.  Sewing for the blog is going slowly, but I expect it to pick up when the costumes are complete.  I'm cutting and sewing shirts/blouses.  The costume gal has given me fabric and much of it is sheets.  It is absolutely amazing what one can do with sheets.  No photo of the lovely curtains I made for my bedroom (years ago) from some  tree printed sheets from Sears.  I also purchased lining fabric from their catalog.  I'm not sure they even have a catalog any more.

I just found these cute dresses made from sheets on the internet.  Vintage and lovely.  You think?
This outfit, being worn by my friend's husband for a Relay for Life event, was made from a Renaissance pattern using a king-size sheet set from the thrift store.It's too bad you can't see the lovely, rich-looking stripe on the material.  

 Keep smiling.  Happy day! More soon.

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