Sunday, April 6, 2014

Birdie Sling Done

The bag is straight it's the house that's crooked.

So there it is.  It's not a good representation of the color. The last post shows the color better.  Also some photos below do. This pattern calls for  interfacing on nearly every one of the pieces.  It doesn't say what weight so I used what I had which is very light.  It also calls for fusible fleece.  It doesn't  mention a weight either (perhaps there is only one weight) so I again used what I had which seemed very stiff for a tote.  The bag does stand up buy itself. See, it's standing on my loom. 

 Interfacing on the main bag piece.
 Fusible fleece on the main lining piece.
 Four band pieces all with interfacing.

Pockets on the lining pieces. ( Yes there was interfacing) Pleats in the main bag pieces.   (I felt rather pleased at the pleats.)

The edge pieces sewn on to main bag and lining.

The main bag together.

   Ahhh, interfacing on the strap piece.  Grrrrrr.               

All done.  So happy!

Looking inside.

I made a little label.

"Something's coming. Don't know when,
But it's soon, catch the moon,
One-handed catch."
From West Side Story.

That's a sentiment I love.  Bye.

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