Saturday, April 26, 2014

Music I like

I just discovered this great video by accident on YouTube.  It's a look at all the different singers from different countries who sang for "Frozen" .  They took one song and edited all the different languages.  Well, have a listen.  I haven't even seen the movie, but this is very good.

Frozen, behind the mic

You know from my post about the sea that I like the album "The Sea".  So here is another selection from that.  There's no video, just the music, but that's enough.
The Gypsy Camp

Earlier today I was watching a movie and there was Billy Eckstine singing in a scene and then during the closing credits.  So here's one of Billy's.

Everything I Have Is Yours

And speaking of the 40's how about some big band music?
Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade
This one has some moonlight photos sliding by while you dance.  You are dancing aren't you?

I study Italian and I love listening to Italian singers.  Here's one of my favorite funny songs, about a crazy cat.  He bothers the singer, comes in his house, eats his food, dominates his bed, he watches everything with suspicion. And he keeps coming back.

Gatto Matto by Roberto Angelini

Someone fixed this one with some funny cat photos.

And lastly, one of my favorite songs from years ago.  It's from the movie "Black Orpheus", which I only saw much later, but I always loved the song    Manha de Carnaval.  It's in Portuguese.

Perhaps I will make another post with other favorites.  How do you like quartets?   Acapella?   Fiddle music?  Come back and see.

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