Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I chose this one

So I started on this one yesterday.  I read through all the instructions as per the advice of the pattern and then cut out all the pieces.  There are 3 fabrics, orange print, citrus stripe and a  solid orange.  The pink fabric in the lover right corner is not any part of it.

Have you ever heard of woven fusible interfacing?  I hadn't.  Only non-woven and I had plenty of it.  Oh, no!  This pattern called for 'woven' fusible interfacing. I was all set to order some, Joann's has $1 shipping today (No Fooling), but today I also looked at my bills for this month.  Extra payments due for car and home insurance, tax prep fees and taxes, so even $1 cannot induce me to shop.  Therefore I'm going to use what I have.  I am, indeed, a minor rebel with a cause.

Onward.  I've cut out all the fabric and now must cut out the interfacing and fusible fleece.  It should sew up fairly quickly once the cutting out is done.  Let's vote for how much fun "cutting out a pattern" is.  One to ten with 10 being the most fun ever.  * TWO.*  I gave it a 2 because the challenge of making the most of the fabric is sometimes fun, otherwise it would be a 1. (A little rhyme there.)

Pictures of sewing the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler  and the finished product will follow.

Poem for today.

Oh, I used a hammer with several nails
I cut up some wood and filled up some pails
The dishes are washed and maybe the car
I guess now it's time to belly up to the bar.

Written by me, but not today.  I apologize if I have already given you this one.  I really like it.  If you are wondering, I seldom, if ever, belly up to the bar.    Cheerio.

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