Sunday, May 18, 2014


Some of my stuff.  I'm sorry if you've already seen it.  It seemed to be a good day for looking back.

Oh, these are old.  I still have the bunny, but the computer's gone.  I gave the baby bee hat to a pregnant co-worker and the sofa has gone to the dump.

This is the second book I made.  It's in the hands of a good friend now.

I painted this switch plate cover to make leaving the house a bit more fun.
Here's another one I particularly like.  Dreadful photo though.

In 2011 I made a crazy birthday card for my sister, Katherine, who loves chocolate.  I did a type of collage on a paper plate.  It went through the mail with a bit of extra postage attached.(See 5 celebrate stamps)  That is not her address, by the way, so no trying to send her messages about her
weird sister. Anyway, she's known about me for years.

And so now it's time to close. Another photo that's old and, yes, you have seen it before.  It was quite a number of posts ago.

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