Sunday, May 25, 2014

About a hat

What about a hat you say?  They are fun, keep out rain, keep sun off face, look fancy or stylish or just make a statement.  I have made a hat.  Yup, it's true.  Our Sheep to Shawl team needed some head gear.  I dug through my patterns and found this one.

This one is from Folkwear .  A lovely chapeau, no?

Then I found this one, an oldie but a goody.

 This one is from, I believe, Simplicity.  The envelope is gone from house right now therefore I'm unable to positive.  The pattern is from 1997 so no longer on their website (or on McCalls either). Update, it is Butterick. It's too old to find.

The team members like View H above which is quite similar to the Folkwear pattern.  There were 3 size smalls and 5 size mediums.  I made a sample.  A kindly old woman agreed to model it for me.

I had thought at first it was reversible, but I was wrong. Perhaps a more accomplished seamtress could have done it any way.  The hat lining matches perfectly the pinafore I made for our fiber guild sheep.

I hadn't made the hat when I took this photo.  She's looking pretty cute.  Wait until you see her with her hat on.

This past Thursday Pam and I got together and sewed up a hat for every member of the team.  Here is one.  Keep in mind the button is really a lime green.  Pam and I both have that photo problem from time to time.

I hope to get a photo of the team in action wearing their hats.  They'll be doing a demonstration at the  El Dorado County Fair  Father's Day weekend.  The following weekend they will be in Eugene, OR for the Black Sheep Gathering. There they will win the competition for the 2nd time.

The team members wear an apron with this logo on it.  The hat color matches the blue on the mountains.   Once more the colors are not good representations of  how things really look. 

PS The Folkwear pattern is still available.

Now it's time for "groovin' on a Sunday afternoon"   Skip ad. Listen.

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