Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's a simple skirt

When the owner arrives I will try to get a photo of her in it.  It needs hemming so also waiting for her for that. Oh, yes and I haven't seen her since January.  Once again I.m sorry about the quality of the photographs.  I tried several times to get a decent one.

This skirt is from Favorite Things and the pattern is called Cute Skirts.
It's pretty easy. There are eight panels to cut from a single pattern piece, then a front waist band and a back waistband casing.  Mine is the basic one, but there were three variations.  I added a pocket in the right seam because I like to have one.  Three panels sewn together make the front and five make the back.  The back has elastic and the front a smooth waist band.

My next projects are 2.  I'm making myself a corset,  alas there will be no photo of me wearing it.  Also  I am making a couple of  books.  One is from a project by SeaLemon.  Here is the link to the project she made.  It's on my Pinterest board. Junior Mint Box book.  This link takes you to a little tutorial. but you can just look at the photo if you care to.

Excuse me, did she say corset?  I beg forgiveness if I have mentioned this before.  I am training to be a volunteer at the Gold Discovery Historic Park and so must have period clothing.  So I took a corset class and we are supposed to finish it this weekend.  In the mean time, I have been a slacker so have to do some catching up.

The mower men have arrived sounding like giant bees on drugs.  I'm thankful they are willing to do this as I would never, EVER use Round-Up on my land.  (A short rant).  
This is part of my yard in early spring.  The grass is now a foot taller and fading to brown.  I can do before and after photos when the guys are done.  Also this was taken a few years ago and there is more fence..

It's Wednesday and a lovely one, a day the Lord has made. I am rejoicing in it.  

         Ci vediamo presto is Italian for 'We'll see each other soon.'

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