Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh no, not again

Yes, it's true.  I've been idling.  All week. Well, since I got home.  The first two days were all about the fire, unpacking from the trip, packing up things I might to take if evacuated, unpacking once the danger passed. Thank the Lord, I didn't need to evacuate.  Many did and many lost homes and property.  No lives lost.  Here is how the  fire started:  vehicle in dry vegetation.  How awful must that person feel to know his/her carelessness caused so much destruction.

The rest of the week I have no excuses.  I just idled like the idle rich.  Are the rich really idle?  The heat has been trying.  Vegging in front of a screen doing "whatever" with a fan and the air conditioner was all I could manage.  That is until I came to my senses.  Thursday evening.

Couch potato.  A person who leads a mostly sedentary lifestyle.  Originally meant watching TV and eating snacks, now this includes computer and video game playing.  I looked this up on Wikipedia and it wasn't pretty.  Very, I repeat VERY, hazardess to one's health.  I want to be healthy.  I think this is true of most people.

So I got back on the walking track I started the first of July. Going before or just at dawn makes it easier.  Here's the view August 2nd.

Then yesterday, Sunday, it was cloudy and the temperatures stayed in the 80's.  Here's the view from almost the same spot.

This a road near my home that is fairly level.  Good for me as I get dismayed if there are too many hills.  Once I've been walking regularly, the hills won't tire me so much.

My problem is almost all of my favorite things to do are sedentary. Sewing, knitting, reading, weaving, mixed media art, book binding.  But I also like gardening and dancing so there you go.

Wait. Did she just say bookbinding? 

Yes.  And I have mentioned it before.   See it here .  Only I called it "book making" which sounds vaguely illegal.

This is a binding called coptic stitch binding.  Just now I'm trying, for the first time, a glued binding.  I saw a great tutorial on YouTube using a Junior Mints box for the cover.  Watch it here. But look out for advertisements.

I'm writing this while the glue is drying, so I will show the finished product another day.  Now for some dancing.  Be thankful there are no photos of this.

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