Monday, June 30, 2014

Am I Blue?

Not exactly.  It is summer as evidenced by the 90+ temperatures. Blue is such a refreshing color.  So I'm making another blue skirt.

 Here is the view. There are
solid color gores between
                                      the panels.  I will make mine another print .

 Here's the 2 fabrics.

This is a close up of the main skirt.

I have it all cut out so will be posting the finished (note I said finished) project soon.

Did I mention how I decided to take a photo a day?  I started June 4. 2014.  So far I have missed two days, so I put a little reminder alarm in my phone.  That seems to be working so far.  I promise I won't do this every day, but here is yesterday's snap.

O beautiful for spacious skies . . .

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