Saturday, July 13, 2013

What list?

You've heard of people making a list of things they want to do before they die.  Some call it a bucket list.  I 'm not wild about that term.  Remember the book "1000 Places to See Before You Die"?   There's one called, "1000 Books to Read Before You Die."   Well, I say what about the things you want to do before you're too old?  Ill or infirm?.  Of course no one knows for sure the hour of their death nor do we know for sure when something we always dreamed of doing becomes too hard to even attempt.

No that's not me on the river though perhaps in the future. She is sculling.  Today at 0830 PDT, yours truly began to learn to row with the hope of someday doing that.  Think opening sequence of "The River Wild" with Meryl Streep.  Meryl is sculling on the Charles River in Boston.  I love that scene. So I had a 2 hour lesson and the only thing I had trouble with was getting out of the boat.  More about much much later.  Or never.  The lesson was wonderful.

And then . . . . 

I picked up my viola.  What did she say?  I thought this was about sewing and knitting and baskets and finishing, not boats and fiddles and starting.   Okay,  you are right.  And I fully intend to finish my rowing lessons and to finish my viola lessons unless pain interferes.  I have arthritis in my hands.

And then . . . . 

I went to the theater for rehearsals (because I always wanted to be in a musical) and while there got another handful of  costume items to work on.

But here's the good news
.  I finished my first basket.  Even though I didn't finish it exactly as it was supposed to be,  I am happy with it.  There's another one to do, but it's a kit and I have permission to start it in a few months. There will be no other basket making until that kit is finished.  Here's my basket.  I'm calling it Molly.


Thanks to Joan Soth and Pam Crause of the Hangtown Fibers Guild Basket Group.

That's all and that's enough.  Please come again.

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