Monday, July 22, 2013

One down. Sixty-five to go.

Well, howdy.  And hooray for me!  I finally finished one of my projects.  It's the Valentine scrub top.  How I wanted some great photos, but  I live alone so there was no one but me to take me modeling it.  That didn't work out very well.  I'd hoped to show it with red pants and with black.  Red looked best.  You'll have to take my word on that.

So here it is all done.

This is the pattern I used.  I used to have a large bust and regular scrub patterns don't have darts.  So I ended up looking like a chubby RN with shoulder pads like a football player under my top.  This pattern has three different necklines.  I often chose the square as it was so different from regular scrubs.  There were no pocket with the pattern so I cut large patch pockets and added them.  A nurse has to have her tools handy.

A bit of history on my next sewing project.  In 2005, I bought a beautiful pair of shoes. Josef Seibel. Red


They are pretty.  Don't you like that black stitching?  I didn't wear them though.  Are you crazy? You ask.  Well,  I didn't have anything to wear them with.  Sooooooo,  I took my shoes to the fabric store.  It's true.  The shop salesperson thought I was strange.  Or different.  She smiled indulgently at me.  So I found this fabric. 

 See the red is almost the same shade and it has some tiny black flowers there.

This the pattern.  I really tried to get a better shot, but when I used the flash it  completely whited-out the envelope.  Perhaps you can  click on it and it will be easier to see.

So for some reason I've had endless troubles with posting today.  Photos not working out as I'd hoped,  trouble placing photos on the page and aligning the text where I wanted it.  I don't know why as I'd not had these problems  before.

Ah, well.  It okay now because I'm done for today.  With posting, but not with my projects.  I need to do some knitting and work on the theatre sewing too.

Come back a see me a few days.  There might be more.  Rowing at 0500 tomorrow and no rehearsal for me until Saturday.  Ciao.

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