Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Project?

A couple of months ago, I volunteered to help with the costumes for a local production of Les Miserables.

Last night, the wardrobe mistress gave me some clothing to alter.  Just a few little things and they are now done.  Sewing costumes is fun.  There are 70 cast members. The show is opening November 29th.  The costuming part will pick up speed I'm sure, but I am still planning on keeping on with my challenge.

The hoodie I'm knitting is at a difficult part for my hands.  There are 284 stitches on the needle right now.  One round is taking me about 30 minutes.  Every other round I increase 8 times, but I'm nearly to the number of stitches I need to put the sleeves onto holders while I finish the rest of the body.  That should go a bit faster.  I got a cramp in my left had during one round today,  so I tried to stopp every few minutes and stretch out my fingers.

Here's the sweater.  The yarn is cotton from Halcyon and the pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple which I purchased with the yarn

The photo is from my phone as my camera was out of batteries.

Besides the costume work, I've worked an hour on the Valentine scrub top.  Photo when it's closer to being done.  And now for something to make you smile.  Right next to me enjoying the twilight from the window sill, it's Edward P. Cat.
That's all for now.  Keep on finishing and smiling.


  1. Extra projects!? You are one tough cookie. That's a wonderful photo you took of Eddie.

    1. Thank you. And thanks for making a comment. :D