Sunday, July 28, 2013

It Had to Happen

Suddenly from somewhere deep in my head the vision of another unfinished project surfaced. So numerically speaking, I'm back where I started with 66 projects to go.  But who the heck is speaking numerically?  Because I have one completed project and 66 to go, not zero completed projects.

A lime green fleece vest is in my future.  The pieces have been pinned in place.  I did that sometime before June, but it went no further.

I have been working on my red blouse. Speaking about a red blouse, I'm very fond of Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Do you know the name?  Were you cognizant in the 60's?  I loved Brazilian jazz/ samba.  I still do.
What's she talking about now? You ask.  Still Antonio. The second cut on his 'Wave' album is 'The Red Blouse.'     I have his albums Wave and Tide.  I had no clue how to attach the MP3 to my blog so I went to Youtube.  Alas, no Antonio playing The Red Blouse, so this is the one I picked.  Normally it's an instrumental,   I like this one anyway. I hope you enjoy it too.      The Red Blouse by Nos Quatro
Do check out Carlos on Youtube, he's there. Or you could listen to samples. here.

My aqua hoodie is coming along nicely.  No photo yet.  It excites me to do something new to me and have it work out.  So putting the sleeve stitches on to scrap yarn, casting on new stitches and  then going on with just the body of the sweater just made my day.  I am trying hard to finish this by August 1st, but as I started the blog on July 9th, I have until August 9th to finish.  We will see.

Quiet little drum roll here.  Presenting . . . . .In person . . . . . that 35 pound bundle of fun . . . . . . 
                                   Sophie Louisa Marie 

Oh, believe me she is a bundle of fun.    She's just darn cute when she's asleep.

This her more vibrant self. You might want to mute this, I'm loud.

More stuff as soon as I can manage. Hope your day is sparkling.


  1. Well, you're making good progress even if you did have to add another item to your list. That vest will be nice this winter. I don't think I've heard that particular song by Jobim. Those singer were in great harmony, very smooth. That's such a cute picture of Sophie! She's a silly girl. Keep up the good work!

    1. What a nice surprise. Wish we were here watching Morse or doing art things. I appreciate your input.