Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby dress

I did finish it.  The baby dress.  It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped and I don't know who's going to wear it, but I'm glad I've finished an unfinished item.

I wish I had more of the yellow fabric.  I would have done 2 pockets on the skirt.  Or maybe even have done a yellow daisy-type flower.  Oh, well.  It's okay.  I think it would fit a two year old, but being far removed from youngsters, I'm not sure.

Here is my next project.  I think.

Another Amber Creation, but I've not made one of these before.  So let's see if i can pick up where I left off and don't mess it up.

Or maybe this one.

I like the Provincial fabric, but I guess I didn't include the pattern in the photo. It was a tote bag. Here goes.

Confession time.  I'm longing to make something I haven't already started.  A blouse or pair of pants for spring, or a great pattern I found on Craftsy. It's another bag.  See it here. Knotty Girl Boho Bag

The striped socks for my sister are nearly done and when they are, I have another pair I'm working on which you have seen in my sock post. Yellow-green.  After that I must finish my turquoise pull-over.

So that's it for this time.  Thanks for hanging in with me.

       Take a tip from my cat, Eddie.  Lie down, stretch out and relax.


  1. I like the dress and the cat. Nicco lays like that too. Get back to work.