Friday, March 7, 2014


Ha!  Got you.  I'm not actually talking about my mental state, but about my loom.   Hey, I thought this was about sewing and knitting and stuff?  Oh, it is.  This is the stuff.  I started warping my loom many months ago and today it's done.  That is definitely finishing the unfinished.  So the next step is to go on and weave those lovely spring green dishtowels.

This  is the pattern.  I liked the photo so much I got the same colors. Once again I will apologize for the  picture quality. I used the 'close-up' setting, but it's still hard to see any detail.

Here is a photo just after I sleyed the reed.  That's putting the warp threads through the spaces on the reed.
Now I am here.

I will finish this today.  My only goal for this lovely Friday in green and beautiful El Dorado County California USA.  Toot toot. ( My Horn)

Here are some photos of my sewing project.  So far.

 This is as much as I had done whenever it was I started this.

 I didn't match the stripes at all.

I have ironed on the batting to the other fabric.

There is the other fabric sewn into a bag.   ( I messed up the color on the photo. The real color is in photo above.)

I should be back Sunday with the warping and the black and white bag finished.  Yay!     Things are looking up for the challenge.

Below see a wonderful creation I spotted at the California State Fair last year.  I don't know what it does or what it is, but I love it.

Ciao for now.

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