Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday Monday

Well, actually it's Sunday night. Ten-thirty PM. But most of you won't see this before tomorrow hence the title.

I like Monday.  Truthfully, I like every day.  I am blessed by the Lord and can't help but be thankful.  Are you going to talk about the challenge?  The Challenge.  Yes, I am.  Here we go.

Loom warping.                                                       DONE!

If I'm remembering right, the next step is to tie the ends into little bundles and then tie them onto the back beam.  That's the round wooden bar in the foreground. (3/11/14 that is the warp beam. I'm leaning on the back beam) I may/will need Pam for this.

Back and white Parisian bag.                                                DONE

Side one.

 Side one close up

                    Side two


Side two close up.                                           
It came out very cute and very roomy.


Another baby dress which I cut out a long time ago.  I hope all the parts are there.  The Provence bag I showed you before is missing it's pattern, but I will look for it.  When I find it I will finish that project.

Have you ever bought anything from a catalog or online and were so surprised when it arrived because it didn't look like what you thought it would be?  I just got a BIG surprise.
I thought I was ordering some batting for a project I have yet to start.  The pattern recommended "upholstery" batting.  I found it online and placed an order for enough for two of the items.

Here's what came.

The box is 18'' deep and it was stuffed so full it was bulging and had to be taped extra firmly.  See Sophie? She's so cute.

  Does this look like batting to you?  I am going to make it work anyway.

I have also finished my sister's socks and they are read for mailing.

      A fish cloud for you.  I did not take this photo. It's cool though.                          


  1. Good for you on finishing your warping. Also, that Paris bag is so cute. You did a fantastic job on it. And, yes, Sophie is super cute.

    1. Thank you, Alex. I have knotted the ends of the threads and now for tying it on to the apron bar. That is not pictured.

  2. Nice bag. Also, I think Sophie wants to go "Jack's fluffy crazy" on that batting. But she's being very good instead.

    1. Oh, she was only waiting, politely, for an invitation 'get it'. Alas, she never got it. Heeehee