Sunday, March 30, 2014


It's so nice to sit and type while listening to some great music.  Playing now is "Bistro" by Metronome Quintet.  Very 40'/50's French bistro music.  I love it. 

You may remember back in November I was working on costumes for Les Miserables.  I mentioned the fabric resources the thrift stores sometimes have.  During a crazy moment I took down my bedroom curtain and made a skirt.  Sorry I don't have a photo.  But I thought it was time I got a new curtain.

I live in the country and this is the view from my bedroom window. There's no real reason for a curtain for privacy, but this window faces East. Soon the summer sun will be waking me early and heating up the room.

This is what I used for a curtain all winter.  I'm a bit embarrassed to show you as all I did was throw the fabric up there and pin it.   Just lazy, no other word for it.

Pretty sad, but I do love the rayon batik fabric.  So I looked in my closet and found 2 more pieces.  None are the same, but I am only making a temporary curtain.  My goal for my room is shutters.  Ah, that's another story.

So with some help from my cat I started the new curtain.

Without Zeke.



So it's just nice and kind of Bohemian.  There's fringe which I neglected to get a picture of.  I really love this.  No,  I mean that.  It's me.

Yesterday,  I had a class on corset making.  It was good fun with four other corset minded women including Jerrie the teacher.  We measured and cut and sewed up a sample.  Mine fit!  Hooray.  Next time we'll be making the real thing with boning, stays, satin and lace.   I look forward to it.

Until next time, joy!

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