Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Minute in Time

Just now I went out to survey the garden as I've been watering the tomatoes to much and the blossoms have been dropping off.  I watered Monday today is Thursday.  I worry.  But the garden looked fine. No shriveled plants from dehydration.  It's breezy and rather mild so I sat on the old wooden bench that's next to the house and just enjoyed the view.

(This doesn't play like a video, very choppy. I'm sorry)

The hill is always brown in summer, but I rather like it. Just in front of me is the thyme and next to  it an old lavender that's gone a bit woody. The lovely pink oleander then up the hill to the oaks and blue blue sky.  Once more back to the thyme and the nice tall spires that stick out from them.  Weeds I should pull and haven't and, to be honest, may not.  They add something, I think.  Up again to the pine than sprouted all on it's own where I couldn't get anything to grow. Twenty or more years ago.

One minute in time.  So pleasant. A minute among others for which I thank the Lord.

Here's an update photo of the bag I'm making.  Interrupted at the machine yesterday in mid seam.  Back at it today.  Might even finish it.

Rejoice for this is a day that the Lord has made.

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