Friday, June 20, 2014

20 June 2014

If you think this is the pier in Cayucos, California on a foggy day, you'll only be partly right.  It is Cayucos at 5:30 AM.  I arrived home a couple of days ago.  This is actually the view from our window at On The Beach B&B.  My two sisters and I met up there and enjoyed the town, the hotel, the beach and each others' company.  If you do click on the link, there is a picture of the lobby with a quilt hanging on the wall.  The lady who made the quilt is also the cook.  A hot breakfast and a happy hour with appetizers were served daily as well as a great house-made dessert in the evening.  If you go to the 'rooms' link, the top photo is the room we stayed in.  Notice the view.

Here is the appetizer from day one. Clockwise from top, arugula salad with choice of toppings  (pecans, raisins for me) a yummy quiche, a savory quinoa cake.

After all the talking was done or nearly so, we went into Morro Bay about 5 miles south so I could go to The Cotton Ball. This is a favorite quilt, fabric, home decor store.  I mentioned it a previous post. Monkey on the Branch

I took this photo there this week.  However they are moving from this location soon.  Still in Morro Bay.

I bought this pattern. There was a sample made up from the larger version on the front of the envelope.  It was entirely different in fabric from the photo, not quite so bold.

I bought batiks.  I love batiks.  Upon arriving home I washed the chosen ones and . . .

. . . here they are.  I have spread them out on the loom while Zorro completely ignores me. They are beautiful, yes?  Yes!!!

Because I am finishing up a project this weekend, I'll start the bag on Monday or perhaps sooner. Chi sa?  (Who knows--in Italian)

                                 Please come again.

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