Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going to School

 Rio Tinto,Spain ( from Bing)

Did I  tell you I was going to school?  Of course I did. Don't I tell you everything?  I was taking two classes. Art: Design Principles Color Theory and Art History: An Introduction to Art.  I really wanted to take both of them, but I forgot about school in the 15 years since I last went.  (I got my RN degree in 1999.) I missed the second day of Art History because I went to Arizona. It turns out the class was cancelled, but she assigned a library project due the following Thursday.  She did that on the internet at something called D2L.(Desire to Learn)  So I knew about the project while still in AZ.

The assignment said to to the college library look at 3 different art magazines and write about them.  To make this story short, let me say, the library had only one art magazine and it was for artists not about art.  I tried to buy an art magazine at both the stores in our small city alas all about painting not art.  Public library had one.  So  I thought,  why am I stressing, taking art is not supposed to be stressful over 60.  Really.  The second assignment was the topper. Online again.  She told us to follow the rules in week four folder, but week four folder would not open. 

That's it.  I dropped the class.  Ahhhhhhhhh the relief.  I'm still doing the color class which is a different kind of stress.  But first more Rio Tinto.


Can you believe that river?  What color!
(Also from Bing)

There is homework.  Most people who do homework want to do it correctly.  I'm sure I'm right about this. Particularly the over 60 crowd.
So yesterday I prepared to do mine.  That is not wine. Honest. Ice water.

It looks like I'm ready.

I'm using water color and I'm going to make a color wheel using glazing technique and also an intensity chart and a color chart.

Dear Readers, I have suddenly realized how uninteresting this may be. So I'm skipping ahead.  I had taken about four hours and several restarts to do these things.

The color chart, glazing. Still need to do another in mixing technique.

This is the intensity one. I'm not absolutely sure that's the correct name.

My color wheel.  And there's a shadow in the photo. It's me.  Anyway.  This is far from well done, but after 3 tries I said. . .

"Remember this is for Fun and not for a grade."   There will be grades, but they won't matter in the long run.  It is fun.

Started my sister's vest at last and will post some photos about sewing soon.  

Have a colorful day.

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