Friday, September 19, 2014


Who remembers Amos and Andy?  When it was on TV, I was a little kid.  I liked it. There was a character on there called Sapphire. (I mean women have had gemstone names for centuries like Ruby and Pearl, Jade, Coral.)    Here is a photo of the actress who played Sapphire both on radio and television. Her name is Ernestine Wade. (photos from Wikipedia)

And here she is as Sapphire.

Love the hat.  I had a telephone like that for a very long time even when more modern ones were available. The folks said no reason to change as that one worked fine.

This is all leading up to my decision about naming the car.  Pierce and Lapis were in serious contention, but I've decided the Subaru is a female persona.  So, you guessed it, I'm calling her Sapphire. Partly for the gemstone and partly for this wonderful character.

Although many people later thought her role negatively reflected on black women, she found much praise from people both black and white for her performances.

Now I'm wondering. Shall I name my new phone?  Ah, come on, why not?

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