Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Want to Name My Car

When cars first came into being and people bought them, they named them.  Perhaps this happened because people were used to naming their horses, i.e. Dobbin, Trigger etc. This morning while making the bed I was struck by the desire to name my car.  The reason being that it sounds nifty to say 'I'll pick up you up in  Old Betsy at 1000"  instead of  " in the Subaru".  Or "Old Betsy needs detailing".  You see what I'm talking about, eh?

This is the best photo I could find of my car.

This is from the internet. Mine is the same year and color, but no scoop and no luggage rack.

I thought about calling it Pierce after one of my favorite actors.  Or the Peacock after one of the ships in the Exploring Expedition of 1840.

Suggestions anyone?  Monet? Miro? Sapphire?

I value your opinion.  There is no prize, however, for suggesting the name I like best.  You'll might enjoy the knowledge that you contributed to my joy.


  1. How about Azul or blue in another language? Check out the many words for blue here: Or the name of one of the many shades of blue?

    Though I do like Pierce, I think of your Subaru as more female than male. Not sure why.

    1. I'll look those blue words up, thank you. It does sounds nifty to say Pierce and I will down to get you. Yes?