Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wandering to Fall

 I found this beautiful photo on the internet so long ago I don't even know where it is from except that it was taken in the Cotswalds, UK.

A poem of today and tomorrow.

 Summer morning cool and quiet no one up but me, sleepy eyes adjusting to dawn;

Sleepy eyes that awaken to a shadow of light creeping up the foothills sharing days;

Sharing days and mornings like this one with a silent creature , a spotted fawn;

A spotted fawn, a doe nearby to teach that it's okay to eat the roses that look that way;

That way are the roses but leave the daffodils and sage.  Ordinary tastes of  the garden;

Tastes of the garden for me are red like tomatoes and strawberries, cherry peppers small;

Small and round and spicy like an afternoon in the sun wandering its way to Fall.

Take a bit of a wander today.

path photo from internet, wallpaper place

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