Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About Color

I love color.  Many people do.  You do don't you?

What's not to  love about a rainbow?

This is  rather pale, but all the colors are there and it's has colored the clouds too.

Some people go crazy with color.   Like painting their house red.

This is, of course, my house. Painted "wowza" red aka Seattle red.

This is just nifty. What ever it is.

Some people are bright as a tropical bird with their clothing.  Do you just love her pizazz?

Wow is right.  I think this is so  . .
   . . well,  colorful.

Color does brighten up the day.  And knowing ways to use color, how to mix color to get a shade that precisely fits is something I'd like to know about.

So I started an art class at our local community college.  It's Art Design: Color Theory.   I'm also taking Introduction to Art, an art history class.

That's my blog for today.  Oh,  I'm soon heading out to Arizona (day after tomorrow) to visit second daughter, Alex.  YippeeYi Yo Kiyay.

Joy to you all.

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