Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finished something

It's true. Besides that Dots box book I finished the pads for my chairs. I posted the fabric for them  here.

Here's three.  No wait . .

There are four.  All finished.  The sun is setting and therefore the light is dim.  It's OK, I love them. (Does ok really have to capitalized?)

Intergenerational Hollywood Film School.  Remember?  I was going to post some photos, but there was the fire.  Then I forgot until I was putting together an album for my trusty companion, Charles.

One of the highlights of the film school was a program about stunts by a working stunt man named Jason.  Here he is strangling a young teen.

Here (center) is Charles being strangled.

Charles smiling after being strangled. Smiling at the strangler.

Charles is filming a scene from our movie, "The Moral Policy".  We used the 19th floor lounge as an office.  The program leaders gave the kids a theme and they wrote, directed, filmed, edited and added music.  Grandparents helped a little especially with acting.  In our group there were 6. Three boys and their grandmothers.

The theme was good vs evil.

There was also a make-up artist. Pretty disturbing, eh?

Charles got a very realistic scar.  He looks a bit dangerous, doesn't he?

We also took a tour of the Sony Pictures Studios. They were once MGM Studios.  This building had offices and a display of Academy Awards.  It has also been used in movies.  It was the high school building in "Back to the Future."

Once again I want to recommend Road Scholar Intergenerational programs for fun and learning with a grandchild.  They have them for all ages of kids from 6-17, they have separate ones for teens and younger kids.

PS  Our movie " The Moral Policy" is about 8 minutes long.  I will try to post it when I figure out how to do that.  I first need to get it off the flash drive.  More soon about, well, whatever. Ciao.


  1. I love the how the chair pads turned out. That is the cutest fabric.

    1. Thank you. The fabric color seems to fade as the one I finished first is paler. Going to keep them inside and take them out when needed.