Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Wish

Oh, I do wish I had  taken photos of all the bags I made from this pattern.

See the price?  See how mangled the envelope is?

I made at least 3 from the tote on the upper right.

I made at least 4 from the purse on the upper right.

None from the other 2 styles.

Each of my three children had a school tote for their first year of school.

I made purses for myself when I needed one and couldn't find what I wanted.

Over the years,( did I say 1975?) I modified the purse pattern to add interior pockets and narrow the strap.  As I said above, I haven't any photos of these creations except for one. 

I was going to the opera a few years back and wanted a dressier bag.  I had purchased some silk satin at a silk outlet in the LA area.  Not wanting a big purse, I modified again to make it smaller with a longer, thinner strap.  Then added a shimmery tassel.

Can you see the tassel?  I really need to use my camera and stop taking all my photos with my Windows phone.

The photo of the interior of the bag is not great either, but take a look.

The silver satin on the inside is an excellent match for the outside. Can you see the pocket?  It's pretty wrinkled from hanging without being moved.  It's been a long time since I went to the opera.

Just a short one today.  I was poking about this morning trying to get rid of things.  Seeing this bag reminded my of how much I love LOVE using a pattern more than once.  Don't you feel the same?

The winning pattern for the greatest number of times used is Amber Creations Sleepover Satchel.  So far, I have made 10 satchels.

One of these days I will astound you with all the clothes I've made for my kids.  My kids are grown now and even my grandson is into adult sizes, but I still like to sew for them once in awhile.

Have a day that makes you smile. Please.


  1. And the Sophie story is.....? You must have a file cabinet full of patterns. I'm better today but cancelled my attendance at the weaving class.

    1. More than a few patterns, yes. Well, you need to save up for our trip to Montana. LOL

  2. Hi Susan, I love that opera bag, with its satin lining. I have been using pattern 2-3 times this summer as I am trying to develop TNT (tried and true) patterns for basics. So far I have a tank top TNT (4 times used), a summer retro dress TNT (2 times used), and a cowl in progress. Skirts are next.

    1. I thought of you, Mary, when I wrote that post. One really gets their money's worth when using patterns over and over. I didn't mention how many times I reused the pattern I used for my uniform tops when I was working. I actually wore out the tissue. At least 20!