Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Sunday

I really miss going to church.  The singing, the praying, listening to the message,  I miss all of it.  Why, then , you ask, don't I just go?  That is not an easy question to answer. The reason might have something to so with the church I left behind, which doesn't exist anymore.  Well, it might still be there in San Jose, but so many of the members and even the pastor are elsewhere. Excuse me for musing.  I'll find my church home this year, hopefully.

Here's the third bag and there is a fourth one nearly done.  I'm not going to bore you by showing every one I make. 

This fabric might also look familiar.  

I wanted to use something not as feminine.  I've got plenty of fabric.  You know that because you've been shown  before.

Today I am going to cut out the jacket I will be making for my sister, Patricia.  I've been adjusting the pattern so hopefully it will be a good fit.

Dog story coming.

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