Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer

History warning;  The Romans referred to these days of summer as dog days because the "Dog Star" Sirius was the brightest star in the sky at this time of year.  It was often thought of as bad or evil times.  The dates are believed to be mid-late July to mid-late August in the Northern Hemisphere.  But enough about that.  My dog days refer to summer with Sophie.

 You've seen her before.  This is Sophie Louisa Tucker Jean Felton.  I know I overdid it on the name, but she doesn't mind.

That glossy evil eye is saying don't touch my chewie.  I promise she is Not a smoker.

Sophie loves, loves to ride in the car.  She tries not to show it, but it is one of her favorite activities.

She loves riding in the truck because she can sit in front and sniff the glorious smells arriving via the vents.

Unlike Zeke and Eddie, Sophie has no interest in TV.

Sophie Louisa, will you please sit still for your snowy day portrait?

No, she is not bowing before me.  She just fell asleep like this.

This wonderful, cat cuddling, car riding, chewie chewing dog came to me from the  Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. In September 2012.

Thank you Front Street and thank you, Elizabeth.


  1. Great post about a really sweet pup!

    1. Thank you, Alex. She is special. And a bit weird.