Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dots box book

Say that 3 times fast.  You don't have to. I had trouble.  Here is the book I finished a little bit ago and I'm wasting no time showing it.

Here it is.   I used five colors of bright computer paper.  Approximately 70 sheets folded in half.  I used the colors to reflect the fact that Dots come in colors except blue, I used the blue paper anyway.  There is blue on the box.

I like it, but the trimming of the paper was not nearly as easy at the video made it seem.  I even went to the hardware store for a utility blade as my xacto knife wasn't cutting it. (Oops,pun alert.)  Maybe it was my choice of blade or maybe it is just my technique.  It's a fun little book.  Lots of pages.

Look out it's poem time.

Today's the day I made a book.
The binding is glued just take a look.
The pages are colored and there are lots.
The cover was once a box of Dots.

I couldn't help myself. 

 Here's the mess I made.

Do something fun today if you haven't already.


  1. Ha ha. I love your poems. The Dots book looks so cool. Even if Dots don't come in blue, the blue pages look good. I like the contrast with the bright yellow.

    1. Thank you, Alex, I rather like the blue pages as well. And poems just happen.