Friday, August 22, 2014

Did I Mention

I love socks?  Yes, I did here.  My beloved eldest child, Elizabeth (the mother of my cool grandson) also loves socks.  She knits faster and better than I and I'm in awe.  So looky here.  For me!

They are so detailed and intricate. Who would want to wear shoes?

We knitters are  fond of things for holding knitting projects and tools.
Here is my current project inside the Sock bag by Slipped Stitch Studios .

Uh oh. You can't see inside this way.

That's pretty yarn and those are pretty small needles.

You are right. It's a pair of socks in the making.  l knitted one to the point where one starts the heel, so I'm now doing the same for sock 2.  This beautiful yarn is  Kelpie from Dragonfly Fibers .  More about socks some day soon. "That's a promise and a threat." (from a song by Heart)

Warning; the video link to the 'song' is really only a photo while the song is playing. May be ads.

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