Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Cats

My cat, Eddie aka Edward P. Cat, likes to watch TV.  Here he's enjoying a PBS Show about crows.

                                  He's done this ever since he was a kitten.

                                   Here he contemplates the gravel.

Zorro is also known as El Guapo (the handsome one). And Zorro is Spanish for fox, but I named him for the dashing hero from TV.  It's because he "came out of the night".

 He's playing king of the mountain.

El Guapo, the little muchacho, in his napkin serape.

Last  but not least my wanderer, Zeke short for Ezekiel.

Zeke and Eddie are brothers.  This is from their childhood. Zeke loves close-ups.

A chin shot if you please.

Zeke thinks I could be a bit cleaner.

So that's my post for today.  If you're not a cat person, check back.  I do have a dog.   And I have lots of yarn, fabric and socks.  
Bye bye for now.

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